Plastic Packaging

Plastic packaging, and specially the polypropylene packaging (PP), has got excellent properties that reinforce the versatility factor. These characteristics have made of plastic a more and more frequent choice to package various kinds of products (food, paint, salt and water solutions, oil, bleach products…).

Few materials had such a fast evolution as plastic. It is present in every activity areas: from the demanding aeronautic industry, the automobile, medical and pharmaceutical industries, to the furniture and packaging industries.

The innovation in new plastic materials, with surprising physical and chemical characteristics, is allowing the consolidation and widening of uses only destined for other materials until now.

PP packaging main properties

- Elasticity and ductility, which translate in high impact resistance, high traction and compression;

- Strong chemical resistance;

- It doesn’t corrode nor rusts.

- Durability.

- Versatility and easiness to handle.

- Low density, which means lighter packaging.

- High thermal isolation, allowing the product to be stacked for longer periods of time, without any feature change.

- Packaging can be used after being emptied

- Recyclable material

- Aseptic and hygienic material, therefore suitable for food products.

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