Packaging for Dangerous Goods

The identification of the product is an essential and determinant factor in choosing packaging for dangerous products transportation. Side by side with this factor, it must be taken in consideration the following factors:

        - Resistance to climate factors
        - Resistance to exterior factors
        - Engravings

In general terms, a packaging used to transport dangerous products must be in accordance with the following requirements:

        - Hold and be compatible with the content
        - Preserve other goods
        - Must be appropriate and adequate to the transported materials
        - Resist to possible manipulations, as well as to transportation conditions

Therefore, packaging destined for the transport of dangerous materials must obey to special manufacturing processes, in accordance with various tests validated by the competent organizations.

Baring this in mind, and respecting the establish legislation, Neorelva has a large range of certified metal packaging for the transport of dangerous materials, which allows to offer their costumers the adequate packaging for their needs.

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