Plastic Packaging for food products

The plastic packaging is particularly suited for food products, due to both material and packaging characteristics.

- Plastic, being an aseptic material, doesn’t allow the development of micro organisms;
- It has “barrier” characteristics (it is gas, vapour, smell and bacteria proof);
- When submitted to direct food contact, it doesn’t cause feature and property changes.
- A packaging can be conceived in a way that allows the food to “breath” and to be simultaneously protected against any biochemical threat.

Polypropylene is one of main polymers used in packing food products, because of its innate properties:

- protection against moisture
- high transparency
- excellent brightness
- preserves food taste
- nearly unbreakable
- resistance to temperature changes

The plastic packaging manufactured by Neorelva Plásticos gathers an amount of characteristics which enable the package of food products. In contact with food products, compatibility of raw materials and colorants is mandatory.

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