Safety, health and environment policy

Neorelva develops its activity avoiding damage to people and goods and trying to minimise the environmental impact,

The safety, health and environmental management is considered to be as important as any other business area,

The efficient usage of energy and materials in the production of goods is essential,

Every collaborator contribution is considered an individual responsibility; therefore formation and sensibility are actively promoted,

It aims for a proud performance in the management of safety, health and environment factors, in order to establish a confidence based relationship with costumers, suppliers, shareholders and society in general.

Having this in mind, Neorelva commits in conducting its activity by the following values:

Assure to every collaborator a safe and pleasant working place, respecting all the current regulations regarding safety, health and environment.
Having a safety, health and environment management system which allows a continuous business assessment, report and improvement.

Include in the collaborators evaluation the safety, health and environment performance and compensate accordingly.

Establish quantified objectives for the safety, health and environment practices, based on an eco-efficient management capable of offering profitable incomes to the company.

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