Cylindrical Packaging 750ml and 1L M06 and Conical 18L M03

In order to strengthen its product range, Neorelva presents new packaging solutions: 750ml and 1L M06, and 18LM03.

Following the growth of water-based paints market, Neorelva presents its customers an innovative cylindrical format in its plastic packaging range that combines high quality with an outstanding look in the point-of-sale.

As so, Neorelva is now presenting a new range of cylindrical plastic packaging M06 – with nominal capacities of 750ml (diameter 100 and 108) and 1L (diameter 108).

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The conception of the 18L model arises from the expansion and evolution of the M03 line. This line, well known for its modern look allied to higher strength and reliability, adds the 18L option to the already available 4, 5, 12,5 and 15 litres.

With this new packaging, Neorelva makes available to the final user an even more versatile packaging, where its extended width and its consequently expanded capacity, constitute the main evolution of this packaging.

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Published in 2009/10
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