High Definition Printing of Plastic Packaging

IML - In Mould Labeling

As an outcome of Neorelva’s continuous effort in monitoring and introducing new processes that create value for its customers, Neorelva offers a new option for decoration of plastic packaging – the IML system - “In Mould Labeling” – printing system for plastic packaging, directly in the mould.

While in the traditional printing systems (silkscreen and offset), printing is the final step of the production process, happening after the injection of the packaging, in IML, the printing operation occurs during the injection. For that, the already printed label is placed inside the mould, previously to the injection, being the final result a ready-to-use packaging.

Available in:

Format Nominal Capacity
Conical (M03) 4L 12,5L 15L 18L
Cylindrical (M06) 750ml 1L
Rectangular (M04) 5L

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Published in 2009/10
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