Business model

Neorelva mission is to supply packaging solutions that satisfy and anticipate customers’ needs, in order to become a key partner in their logistic chain.

In order to achieve this mission, Neorelva aims to align its organization with the specific needs of each customer and its supply chain.

Neorelva also aims to have a range of products able to satisfy the market needs, and to reach high levels of performance concerning customer service and speed and quality of information given to customers.

Finally, Neorelva aims the recognition of its products and services quality and its name to be a synonym of competitiveness and innovation.

We believe:

      In the importance of details, the small things that show a job well done;

      In the importance of people as individuals;

      In the importance of a higher quality in products and services;

      That anyone in the organisation can be innovative;

      In the importance of communication and personal relationship;

      In ethical and deontological values in business making;

      In the importance of environment preservation.

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