Tin plate packaging: advantages

The tin plate packaging, manufactured from steel with a stannic or chromium coating, is the best solution to contain and commercialise various products, from alimentary goods to paints, coatings and chemical products. It is a packaging which allows an attractive decoration, it is light, easy to handle, very resistant to shocks and falls and it can handle high pilling pressures. From processing to commercialisation, even if submitted to harsh handling conditions, transport and storage, the tin plate packaging assures that the product will arrive to the final consumer in the wanted conditions.

Advantages of tinplate packaging usage

        It is a natural barrier against the light.

        It allows the product to be kept in ideal usage conditions for long periods of         time, mainly due to the physical and chemical barriers of the packaging.

        In transportation, storage and handling conditions it is resistant to shocks, falls         and pilling.

        It is not inflammable.

        It is high temperatures resistant, without changing the integrity of its content.

        It is 100% recyclable and decomposes when submitted to the action of time.


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