Plastic packaging and the environment

Plastic packaging has a wide range of usages in different activity areas, offering practical, fast, technically evolved and low cost solutions.

However, in order for this to be possible it is necessary to harmonize two extremely important factors: the selection of the adequate material and the conception and development that meets costumers’ expectations.

Material selection

Materials are selected according with innate properties and with the capacity of response to market needs.

The excellent properties of the presently used raw material (polypropylene) make the package of various products possible, besides offering an attractive esthetical solution.

Neorelva pays special care and attention to the approval of materials used in its packaging production, from plastic materials to colorants, requiring compatibility with food products.

Conception and development

The product development and mould conceptualization are processes that begin with a correct and previous identification of costumers and market needs, implying a higher commitment and strictness from everyone involved, and it ends with all the validation tests needed.

Neorelva controls every product conception process, because it has all the necessary abilities and experience to develop products and to define moulds concept internally.

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