Development and technology

Competitiveness and innovation are key factors to obtain product and service quality recognition by clients. In order to reach all the objectives in terms of product development and productive process optimisation, a Process Engineering Department was created.

Pre-Press Centre

Neorelva believes in fast and effective response to the needs of its customers. To reach this objective, it counts with a division of Pre-Press in its structure. Allocated with the appropriate technical means, this division accounts for all pre-press developments, prior to the production of packaging.

Personal department

The human potential development is a Neorelva commitment in the enrichment of competitive factors. Having this in mind, various workshops have been taken place in the company’s perimeters with the objective of developing technical abilities at the operators and intermediate leadership level.

Quality system

The trust attributed in result of delivering products according to client’s orders is the best evidence of consideration and of a consolidated partnership relation. Therefore, from raw material admittance to the finished product expedition, all the productive process is followed and monitored in order to assure delivered product conformity. A system of internal audits and productive process audits reinforces our demands on product and service quality.

Implemented in the early years of the 90’s and constantly reviewed and actualised, the Quality Management System was certified according to ISO 9002 in 1995 and to ISO 9001:2000 in 2003.

Information system

Considered a competitive factor for the company, Neorelva invested in the creation of competencies in the information technologies. The existing information system aggregates all the areas in the company, including operational activities from raw material admittance to the finished product expedition.


Having all the adequate technical resources and human capacities, the Maintenance Department constructs and automats equipments and tools, besides doing all the maintenance work.

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